Call Out for Coordinated Decentralized Counter Convention Audio Broadcast Projects

Imagine a round-the-clock Internet broadcast from the streets of the DNC and RNC actions that articulates both what's happening on the ground and why it's happening. We envision broadcasts in downtown areas, college campuses, community centers, in front of coffee shops, on sidewalks and in parks - wherever people are. They could be re-broadcast on community and pirate stations all around the country and beyond. Anyone who can get a wireless-enabled laptop, a connection to the Internet, some cords, and speakers can probably do this. We could circumvent corporate media and create a space for people to engage with the reality of what mass mobilizations are really like. People could hear what the TV news coverage was leaving out, and public space could be transformed in a strange and interesting new way. Folks broadcasting sites could take donations for legal expenses incurred at the actions, provide a personal connection to the events, distro literature, encourage people to tune in at home, and connect people to local networks.

What we would need:

-A live audio Web broadcasting team in St. Paul and/or Denver with whatever equipment that would require (Web site, creative ideas for content and reporting, etc.).

-An outreach campaign to get folks excited to set up sites for public playing and explain how to do it.

-Some live test runs to give everyone a chance to debug. We encountered a number of software troubles when we tried this out that could have been more smoothly handled had we had the foresight to test it beforehand. Also, rain seemed to interfere with our ability to receive the wireless signal. We need folks who know the technical stuff and can help troubleshoot the inevitable issues that come up.

-Your brilliant ideas!

Here's a link to the August Sound Coalition's live audio site from the 2004 RNC

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