Reportback from the Disrupt Lake City Presentation

By Sublett

On Thursday, December 18, at Encuentro 5 in Boston, Dave Strano of Disrupt Lake City (DLC) spoke about an upcoming campaign to "Stop the War at the Point of Production" by disrupting operations at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, MO.

Since this plant produces about 90 percent of the small arms ammunition used by U.S. military forces, it is an ideal target. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have generated enormous pressure on ammunition production, to the point that countries to which the U.S. used to export ammunition now send it here instead. Even minor interruptions in the flow of ammunition from Lake City can have significant effects on the war effort. Recently, some workers at the plant created a temporary shortage of ammunition just by stealing bullet-making supplies for scrap metal.

Highlighted talking points:


The proposed strategy draws heavily from the RNC in St. Paul, MN. As in St. Paul, there are three tiers, ordered by importance. Tier One is the rail line, Tier Two claims the entrances to the plant and Tier Three includes the surrounding roads. The area around the plant is divided into three sectors, with Sector Three being considered a space for less confrontational tactics. From DLC's pamphlet: "If you are interested in being part of this action and need information to form an affinity group with the intention of tackling a certain sector contact the disruption crew and we will get you all the info you need. The disruption crew will be coordinating all committed affinity groups and providing them with support on the ground."

Guiding principles:

  1. Clear opposition to militarism and occupation. Iraq and Afghanistan are not the only wars the U.S. is waging. Globally and locally, the American empire is a habitual warmonger and occupier. On the domestic front, the cops and courts occupy all of our blocks – especially targeting people of color and poor folks. On the global front, the U.S. military officially maintains over 700 bases in roughly 130 countries – not to mention those that are kept secret. Furthermore, we are against all states and empires.
  2. Respect for a diversity of tactics. As anti-authoritarians, we will not allow the authorities to define the appropriate methods for responding to their domination. We will stand in solidarity with each other while cooperating to disrupt their ammunition shipments.
  3. No condemnation of fellow participants in any media outlets or public forums. We are not getting together to air dirty laundry or to ignite any conflicts and turn them into soap operas. All our critiques of one another should remain internal to promote cohesive and decisive action.
  4. Non-hierarchical organizing. Actions should be organized autonomously through collective participation. Obviously that can take a variety of forms, but the consent of actual participants is the common thread tying all our efforts together. No authoritarianism or coercion tolerated.
  5. No collaboration with the State or its agents. Organize intelligently, make your plans securely and don't ever sell out comrades!


The DLC is having ongoing discussions with a variety of groups and individuals. While it would be premature to name them here, rest assured that we will not be alone.

Legal situation:

The rail line and the plant grounds are federal property. The plant is surrounded by a fence and patrolled by armed guards. No support is planned by the DLC for inside the fence. That means no legal observers, scouts or medics. As mentioned above, Missouri has no PATRIOT Act of its own. The plant workers who stole the supplies were charged under federal law and are looking at two-year prison sentences.


The action will run from June 4-8, 2009, the main day of action will be June 6. Consultas will be held starting around March. The sector map was included in the presentation and should be on the DLC Web site soon. Independence, MO is about 25 minutes from Kansas City, so getting there by plane, train or bus shouldn't be difficult.

More information/How to help:

Keep checking for updates. Questions can be e-mailed to unconventionalks |AT| gmail |DOT| com. Cash or whatever else can be sent to Disrupt Lake City, PO Box 277, Lawrence KS, 66044.

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