JAN. 15, 2009 – Members of the Nor'easter Collective are infuriated by the reckless loss of life in the Gaza Strip and Israel in this most recent explosion of fighting. We condemn the actions of Israel toward the Gaza Strip. We stand in solidarity with Palestinians as they struggle against their occupiers, as well as with Israelis who demand that their country cease its violence against Palestine. We oppose the capitalist media's unbalanced sympathy toward Israel. This battle is not equal; we are seeing one of the world's most advanced and well-funded military forces, with the financial and technical support of the United States, continue to try to crush a people's will to exist. Its actions and statements show that it is intent on not just terrorism, but also the complete elimination of the Palestinian people. This current outbreak of violence is within a history of attempted genocide, and in some ways, one that is ironically and frighteningly similar to the Holocaust.

Moreover, it is coming at an enormous cost. The numbers of those killed are astounding evidence of the power imbalance – less than two dozen Israelis and over 1,000 Palestinians. Gaza continues to experience shortages of food, fuel and medical supplies. Yet somehow, the United States government deems Israel the victim of terrorism.

We cannot even conceive of the terror that every Palestinian experiences every day under Israel's occupation.

We do not aim to oversimplify this complex war, but it is fundamentally a relationship of domination and oppression by Israel over Palestine. While we do not take the deaths of the Israeli civilians lightly, we will excuse neither the catastrophically larger Palestinian death toll nor the multitude of pro-Israel apologists. As anarchists, we stand with all those who struggle for freedom from oppression.

–The Nor’easter

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