A Steel City Revolts With Launch of New Anarchist Publication

By Marie Skoczylas, a member of POG

This fall, Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) launched its quarterly print publication, Steel City Revolt! The first issue is packed with 48 pages of anarchist-related articles on events, theory, analysis and culture. Members shared their thoughts on voting (or not voting) and the movement’s relationship to electoral politics, personal reflection on the $700 billion bailout and the broader financial crisis, and memories from the streets in Seattle in 1999 during the World Trade Organization shutdown.

As the bottom-liners for Sector 1 of the blockade strategy at the Republican National Convention protests in St. Paul, Minn., POG members document their stories from the demonstrations in September. One story is about a POG member who blockaded an intersection for over an hour by using a cement lockbox to attach himself to the steering wheel of a car.

The issue contains an overview of local labor struggles at Equitable Gas, Verizon and Pittsburgh Port Authority, where management recently announced its intention to impose a contract on workers setting the stage for a possible transit strike (that was narrowly averted in the end).

The inaugural issue also includes information on the construction of I-69 – the free trade "Superhighway to Hell" – and resistance to it, the successful struggle for an imprisoned Spanish anarchist’s freedom, radical gifting ideas in preparation for the holidays, a book review and updates on anarchist resistance around the world.

POG is hoping to use the Steel City Revolt! as a much-needed forum for local anarchist news and analysis, as well as an ongoing fundraising effort to support its work throughout the year. Members are distributing this first issue far and wide, hoping to secure subscriptions for subsequent issues. Would you like a copy or a subscription? Contact pog |AT| mutualaid |DOT| org.

Although the creation and launch of the SCR! kept members busy throughout the fall, POG also managed to put on another Tactical Training Initiative workshop (“An Introduction to Global Political and Economic Frameworks”); to hold an orientation for new members; to steal away for a retreat in the woods; to work on deconstructing interconnected oppressions with a potluck/reading/discussion on anti-racism in global justice and anti-war organizing; and to march with fellow NeAN members in New York City in October to demand freedom for all political prisoners and prisoners of war on the 10th anniversary of the first Jericho march.

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