Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement Update

By Laila Murad

In the past few months, members of BAAM (Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement) have organized, supported and participated in various events. In late September, we tabled at the Boston Zine Fair and distributed hundreds of newsletters and pamphlets. We also raised money for mailing our NEAN outreach packets. We organized a NEAN outreach committee and mailing list, and sent dozens of outreach packets to different infoshops, collectives, etc. all around the Northeast.

Throughout the fall months, our members supported home-eviction blockades organized by City Life/Vida Urbana and have been staying updated for future actions. As November came to an end and Black Friday marked the beginning of the annual holiday consumer frenzy, BAAM hosted our annual Radical Caroling in a busy local shopping district.

We followed the uprisings in Greece and answered the calls for solidarity. BAAM organized two Greek Solidarity events: a demonstration at the Greek Consulate on Dec. 16 and a "Tour of State Repression Institutions" through the downtown area on Dec. 20. According to the Boston Globe and Boston Police Detective Andrew Creed, red paint was thrown on the consulate one night and its front gate was smashed at the Dec. 16 protest.

We are in contact with a new comrade from Greece involved in the Athens Anti-Authoritarian Movement and the Babylonia newspaper, we will be collaborating on Greek solidarity and media work in the future. Members of BAAM participated in Gaza solidarity events and plan to organize and attend future Palestinian and Gaza solidarity events.

BAAM has also continued to publish our monthly newsletter. We are offering mail subscriptions for $12-15 a year. The perfect present for your loved ones! Interested? Contact Jake at: trenchesfullofpoets |AT| riseup |DOT| net

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