IthAca Update

By Ryan Clover (Silent City Distro collective)

IthAca is staying warm this winter with a turbo boost of kick-ass projects and community building. While there are many exciting things happening around here in this small, hilly city, the anarchist folks (us) here at the local radical distro have some very specific updates from the Silent City. Read this like newsflash headlines. If you want more, you’re gonna have to get our zine.

"IthAca Zine!" is a radical publication of anarchist art, poetry, photos, essays, etc. We publish this zine every two months with a big celebration and benefit show. It has brought a whole bunch of new folks out of the woodwork! Our second issue is coming out in February and we're psyched. Order one today, or download it and print it out.

Silent City Distro: We are celebrating our new office space on the Ithaca Commons. We just built a wooden structure and some new shelves, and stocked them full of awesome radical literature and newspapers. Along with the Intro to Anarchist Studies class and radical reading group, we will be holding regular office hours and operating a zine library. Anybody want to hook us up with a copy machine?

Storm Country Tour: Coming to a folk-punk house near you starting in February, 2009. IthAca is representing music from the Silent City this winter, and a group of local musicians are hitting the road to play music and spread inspiration and love to our comrades in the Northeast. We'll be touring from Ithaca to Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Kent, Pittsburgh, DC, Philly, NYC, Boston, Providence, Portland, Montreal, Vermont, and Albany. Did I miss anyone? Check the Distro Web site for links.

Ithaca Freeskool is still kicking ass with a variety of classes and skill-shares from around Ithaca. The next session begins in February and will most likely keep the energy through the winter.

Natural gas companies have laid out the pipelines and legal groundwork to completely devastate Upstate New York and surrounding regions through drilling operations in the Marcellus Shale. They want to start horizontal drilling, using millions of gallons of clean water and creating massive amounts of irreversible contamination. Our lives are on the line.

SCIENCE FICTION vs. FANTASY...Dance Off. Who will it be? SHOWDOWN 2009: It's about time. Come to Ithaca and show your stuff at this $5 benefit party. It will be on February 7, at 8 p.m. at the Silent City Distro Barricades, 115 E. MLK St. (the Commons), IthAca, N.Y., 14850. Contact us if you and your affinity group (for dancing!) need a place to stay.

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