Boston Update

Boston is ever buzzing with radical activity. Since the Nor'easter last heard from us, the city has witnessed a range of events, fundraisers, protests and projects.

The Allston/Brighton Neighborhood Assembly remains entangled in a long-term struggle against Harvard's devastating expansion into their neighborhood. Resistance is often seen in the form of banner drops, holding presences at community meetings, and organizing with Harvard's workers and students. In addition to drawing attention to the negatives, ABNA emphasizes positives and possibilities. Really Really Free Markets have become a monthly occurrence and ABNA held a North Allston/Brighton Fair on April 18th to celebrate and defend what's left of the local economy. Replete with music, games and picnics, people were encouraged, with discounts and give-aways, to support local businesses.

Rising Tide Boston keeps the pressure on against the banks and the companies that are destroying the planet and its denizens. Pairing up with local tenants' rights organizers City Life/Vida Urbana, festive protests against Bank of America are a regular affair in this town, educating the public and spreading rage about BoA's irresponsible funding of climate change and ruthless support of post-foreclosure evictions. An especially dramatic Break Up With Bank of America was called on Valentine's Day, wherein attention was drawn to the unhealthy relationship so many people share with BoA and account holders were encouraged to get their money out of the venomous tentacles of the bank that has swallowed Boston whole.

In completely unrelated news, a lone protester from Mannequins for Climate Justice chained himself to a BoA branch in Kenmore Square before the branch opened for the day, successfully shutting down not only the bank, but Kenmore Square. The police blocked the streets and swarmed the protester, Guy Fox, subjecting him to the indignities of examination and dissection by bomb bots and a man in a turtle suit. Before being crammed into evidence lockers, Fox reportedly told interrogators, 'Even a dummy like me can see that Bank of America's massive loans to coal companies and support for the epidemic of foreclosures and evictions has to stop now.' Stay strong, Guy!

The Boston Anarchist Black Cross continues its regular support of hundreds of prisonersby sending out literature, fulfilling research requests and maintaining penpal correspondences. ABC keeps up a $20/month contribution to Jericho Boston's commissary fund, which goes toward meeting the material needs of political prisoners. Boston ABC maintains its own bail fund, bailing out local activists and contributing to the legal and medical costs imposed by state repression both locally and across the country. They also give Know Your Rights and Security Culture workshops whenever possible. Both were presented as an appetizer for an ecstatic open mic fundraising show in February, and Know Your Rights was presented again in March at the Boston Area Student Teach-In held at Boston University.

If you want to support the prisoner support and legal defense work of Boston Anarchist Black Cross, you can send concealed cash or blank checks [Boston ABC has no bank account!] to:

Boston ABC
PO Box 230182
Boston, MA 02123

The Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement is busy as always, publishing a monthly newsletter and organizing fun, public events. BAAM marched with the Red and Black Anti-Capitalist Contingent at the May Day march, and held "reviving radical roots" anarchist kids games, as is traditional, at the Jamaica Plain "Wake up the Earth" festival, adding onto the event an anarchist picnic. BAAM has also added a second monthly meeting, this one a "work day" on the third Sunday of every month.

To keep up with Boston's radical news and events, be sure to check out the monthly newsletter of the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement! You can find it on BAAM's website or at Boston Indymedia.

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