Providence Update

By Katrina

Hey from Providence! In a town where the number of foreclosed and abandoned houses is quickly approaching the number of those that are inhabited, foreclosure defense is growing as well. So far, the resistance is on the outreach level, where folks have been going door-to-door, connecting residents with the Rhode Island Bank Tenant and Homeowner Association. The struggle for justice for the Colibri workers also continues, with a recent direct action in which workers and allies barricaded a company auction.

We've stayed warm this winter with some rowdy homo activity, in which What Queer?!, Providence's favorite group of radical queers, organized several reclaim-the-streets actions, full of brass and sass. Providence labor activists Alex Svoboda and Jason Freidmutter are currently offering a speaking presentation about Alex's attack by the North Providence police two summers ago and their legal fight since. They are also still collecting donations for their drawn-out case. If you want them to come speak at your community space/house/school, e-mail Alex at wakeup_alex AT

As we continue to organize, we also mourn the loss of two of our comrades: Geovanny Sian, who was murdered upon his return to Guatemala, and Dan "The Man" Daley, whose cancer took over. Geovanny was an active participant in the Olneyville Neighborhood Association, English for Action and the Providence Industrial Workers of the World. Dan was involved with the Providence IWW and Direct Action for Rights and Equality, among other projects.

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