Syracuse Solidarity Network Update

Following the Republican National Convention, this past winter has had a different feel for Syracuse Solidarity Network (SSN). After the RNC, SSN took a step back to recover and reassess. We realized that constantly doing outreach and trying to get new people involved hindered our ability to do certain projects and accomplish certain goals. So we decided to focus more on the energy we already have and follow through on some long-dormant projects.

In the fall, some of us took part in an event alongside Rochester Indymedia to recount the events of the RNC.

In December, we took to the streets on the International Day of Action in solidarity with the Greek uprising. We took this opportunity to reconnect and rekindle relationships with anarchists and anti-authoritarians in Upstate New York, including Binghamton, Oswego and Rochester.

We spent the spring preparing InfoBoxes, which will be placed in different spots around the city. The InfoBoxes will serve as a means to distribute right-on literature and fliers, as well as being a place where anyone can put their own artwork or literature, as long as it is consistent with our points of unity.

We also hosted an Upstate NY-wide consulta to share information and strategies regarding the IMF/World Bank protests in April.

There has been a steadily increasing momentum for anarchists in Upstate, and SSN is excited to contribute to it in any way we can. For dead-end Rustbelt towns, the ongoing crisis is nothing new, and the time is ripe across the world for shit-towns to rise up for a Summer of Rage.

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