September 10
Baltimore: Uri Gordon presents "Anarchy Alive!" Presentation will concentrate on Israeli occupation of Palestine from an anarchist perspective. 7pm at Red Emma's, 800 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD.

Philly: "GRINGO: A Coming-of-Age in Latin America" by Chesa Boudin. 7pm @ Wooden Shoe Books 508 S. 5th Street Philadelphia PA. sabot at woodenshoebooks dot com

September 11
Hartford: Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible. Fundraiser for CT TransAdvocacy Coalition & Peterson Toscano. 7:30pm at Charter Oak Cultural Center, 21 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, CT. info AT transadvocacy dot org.

September 12
NYC ABC's Rolling Down the Walls! 8-mile bike ride to celebrate the end of summer and raise funds for the ABCF's Warchest program and New York chapter of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. 5pm at Grand Army Plaza to Fort Tilden Beach. nycabc AT riseup dot net.

September 13
The Boston IWW branch will be meeting at 2pm at the Lucy Parsons Center, 549 Columbus Avenue, Boston. Agenda will include a report back from the IWW convention in Chicago.

September 14
Philly: Leadership and Power in Anarchist Organizing with Uri Gordon. 7pm at Wooden Shoe Books 508 S. 5th Street Philadelphia, PA.

September 16th
NYC: "Women's Empowerment in Honduras" Now emerging as resistance leaders to the military coup in Honduras are the same women whom fought to establish unions for banana workers. 7pm at Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen Street, New York, NY.

September 17
Syracuse: The Beehive Collective Opening Reception at ArtRage Gallery. Presentation by the Bees at 6pm, party at 7:30pm. Exhibit runs September 17 through October 24.

Philly: Identity on the Border with Dr. Pablo Vila, a talk on the complexity of the identity formation processes where the First World encounters the Third World. 7pm at Wooden Shoe Books 508 S. 5th Street Philadelphia, PA.

Hartford: Uri Gordon "Anarchy Alive!" East coast book tour. Hosted by CT Workers Solidarity Alliance, Queers Without Borders and Hartford IMC. 7pm, Charter Oak Cultural Center, 21 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, CT. abbey dot willis AT charteroakcenter dot org

September 18
Baltimore: V-20: Vampire "20" Conference, 12pm at The Dinner Harbor. 20+ Blood sucking god loathing heathenish monsters will descend on the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore to conduct dark worship of unknowable gods and consume vast quantities of human blood. Yes! Human blood!

September 22
Syracuse: Report back from Palestine. 7 pm, ArtRage Gallery (505 Hawley Ave., Syracuse). Local activists report back on their recent trips to Palestine.

NYC: Join Uri Gordon for a presentation on the achievements and limitations of Anarchists Against the Wall, and for anarchist perspectives on Palestinian national liberation. 7pm at Bluestockings. $5 suggested donation.

G-20: Say "No" to the G-20 - and "Yes" to Community Gatherings! 5pm at Friendship Park, Friendship Ave & S. Millave. Pittsburghers who are opposed to global destruction will be gathering to share food, music and conversation. This is not a protest; this is a chance to directly tell our story of the world for which we're fighting.

September 23
Philly: The Powderkeg and The Spark: Abolitionist Agitation and John Brown's Raid. 7pm at Wooden Shoe Books, 508 S. 5th Street Philadelphia PA.

September 24
NYC: Protest President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe's Presence in NYC! 12pm at Essex House Ballroom, 160 Central Park South, New York, NY. senia dot barragan AT gmail dot com

G-20: Mass March on the G-20 Summit. 2:30pm at Arsenal Park, 40th Street & Penn Ave., in Lawrenceville. This Mass March on the G-20 Summit is intended to be a creation of space in which diverse forms of resistance can occur. The march will include student feeder marches and worker contingents, numerous musical groups, and efforts to disrupt the summit.

September 25
G-20: Localize and Broaden the Fight Against the G-20. 11:30am, Everywhere! We've created a menu of places in Pittsburgh at which we're asking affinity groups and organizations to adopt as sites for protests and other actions.

October 7
Rochester: Funk the War II: Revenge of the Funk! Join Students for a Democratic Society on the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan. 4:30pm at Washington Square Park, S. Clinton Ave & Court St., Rochester, NY. rochestersds AT lists.rocus dot org

October 9-12
Pittsburgh: 2009 Anti-Racist Action Conference! 15th annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA. We are inviting all members of Anti-Racist Action as well as all anti-fascists who agree with our 4 Points of Unity. araconference09 AT hushmail dot com.

October 13
Rochester: Israel and the Pacification Industry, a lecture by Jimmy Johnson. (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions). 7pm at the Flying Squirrel Community Space (285 Clarissa St.). Johnson is looking for other speaking engagements. dpines1 AT rochester.rr dot com

October 16
Philly: Wanted: Men to Fill the Jails of Spokane Fighting for Free Speech with the Hobo Agitators of the I.W.W. with Editor John Duda. Published for the 100th Anniversary of the Spokane Free Speech Fight! 7pm at Wooden Shoe Books, 704 South Street.

October 23-25
Rochester: SDS North East Regional Convention at the University of Rochester.

October 31
Rochester: Grand-opening-gala-bash for the Flying Squirrel Community Space at 285 Clarissa St.! Imagine: costume party, haunted house, music, food, screenings, seance, Left of Center (stage) variety show, et al. More details TBA! Questions? Wanna play? Email FlyingSquirrel AT rocus dot org!

November 21
Hartford: First ever North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference. Charter Oak Cultural Center, 21 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, CT. anarchiststudies AT hotmail dot com.

November 22
Philly: Arc and Hue, with poet Tara Betts, a reading and book signing with Q & A. Journeys and transitions of a black-identified interracial young woman from the Midwest. 7pm at Wooden Shoe Books 704 South Street Philadelphia PA.

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