Nor'easter Statement

Do you notice anything unique about the paper that you're holding? Awfully thin, don't you think? You may surmise that the news took a summer vacation, along with the rest of us. But here at The Nor'easter, we know that our fellow anarchists in the Northeast have been generating plenty of news, even if they haven't been writing about it in our pages.

The Nor'easter was designed in the fall of 2007 to reflect the ideas and actions of Northeast Anarchist Network affiliates and beyond. As with the Network itself, we see The Nor'easter as an effective means of sharing organizing strategy and experience across a broad geographical area. This type of communication is essential for building a viable movement for radical social change. In sharing these experiences we not only develop and refine a critical analysis of the world around us, but also provide fresh perspectives and invite others into the movement who may not otherwise encounter such positions. And, of course, we must build and maintain autonomous sources of information about our struggles, lest our histories be modified and retold by the very systems we oppose, if not completely erased. The Nor'easter is not simply one more piece of reading material, rather it is one thread which connects and strengthens our struggles whether they be in major cities or small towns.
So what are we without your contributions?

You've got three months to think about it. And then we want to hear from you.

The Nor'easter collective

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