Pittsburgh on Fire, under Fire


As spring turned to summer Pittsburgh anarchists longingly looked forward to a bit of frolicking, maybe a picnic or two, some relaxation and rejuvenation in our continued our struggles against the state. Then, out of nowhere, the President announced the next G-20 summit would be gracing our fair city and all hell broke loose.

A flurry of meetings, electricity in our veins, gave way to a united response as Pittsburgh's anarchist community prepared to bring its A game to the streets, and the halls of power trembled with worry. The propaganda war rages on, and the state prepares its violence.

Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) has thrown itself into supporting the work of the Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project, while still continuing our other projects and work. Since the last Nor'easter update, we've held our annual anarchist picnic, bringing more than 100 people together for one of the largest anarchist events in Western Pennsylvania. The day included food, literature, a Pittsburgh Anarchist History Trivia game, a Three Legged Race to the Bottom, water balloons, and even a Smash Currency and Capitalism pinata. Additionally, our tactical training initiative put on 11 workshops on a series of tactical and theoretical topics, and we're in the process of publishing the fall issue of the Steel City Revolt!

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