Report From the Boston Anarchist Black Cross

The Boston Anarchist Black Cross is, as ever, hard at work defending radical movements and supporting prisoners. As of this writing, we're gearing up to type, edit and compile the fifth issue of Prison Action News, comprised entirely of submissions from prisoners on their resistance activities inside. We continue to correspond with, do research for, and send free literature to prisoners, and we're keeping up our $20 monthly contribution to Jericho Boston's commissary fund, which goes toward meeting the material needs of political prisoners.

Once again, we sent a participant to Jericho's annual 5K, Running Down the Walls. Boston was one of 12 U.S. cities to host such an event, running around Jamaica Pond, while those on the inside did laps around their prison yards. Jericho used this event to raise $500 for Leonard Peltier's Defense/Offense Committee and $500 for Ojore Lutalo, a New Afrikan anarchist prisoner of war who was recently released.

We are currently engaged in a medium-term project of revising our distro of literature we both table and send to prisoners. We are adding new titles and cleaning up old titles. Meanwhile, as a result of our communication with the Texas Prisoners' Freedom Agenda, Boston ABC has become their outside contact. To learn more about them, you can visit their MySpace page.

We are also working with the inside project Free Battered Texas Women. According to the Texas Council on Family Violence, in Texas, police decline to arrest male abusers and instead arrest the female victims on 20 percent of domestic violence calls. This happens only three percent of the time nationwide. Spotlighting the case of Dr. Cathy Marston, jailed because men made attempts on her life, and who has thus far served five years of a ten-year sentence, we hosted two film nights in November at the Lucy Parsons Center. We showed Defending Our Lives, about Massachusetts women imprisoned for killing their male abusers, and We Will Not Be Beaten, made in the 1970s by women at Cambridge's Transition House, a women's shelter that is still in existence. By passing the hat at these two films, we were able to raise over $100 for the costs associated with imprisoned women attempting to exonerate themselves.

We also had the opportunity to make a television appearance! Cambridge Community Television invited our friends at Food Not Bombs onto the air for a 27-minute segment, a chunk of which was offered to Boston ABC to talk about anarchist legal defense and prison abolition. The airwaves will never be the same again!

As our very dear friends in Pittsburgh were toiling to create and strengthen the necessary infrastructures to support and facilitate resistance to the G-20, we could not stand idly by. In addition to sending down two of our own to take shifts at the legal office, our members also contributed to the organizing of the weekend-long Northeast Pre-G-20 Meet Up, a logistical and social space set up to better inform and acquaint G-20 resisters. It was there that we gave a Know Your Rights presentation with both general and Pittsburgh-specific information. It was then that our members unleashed all the hilarity and amazingness of a fundraiser of unparalleled fabulosity. The Smashin' the G-20 Fashion Show featured both fantastical and functional designs by local radicals, and, after our own New England crew eluded arrest,* we turned over $350 to the Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project's legal working group.

With our fundraising energies geared toward other defense projects, our own depleted war chest has been tragically neglected. This hasn't prevented us from contributing to the defense of the radical queers of Bash Back! in Minnesota, arrested for confronting Nazis at a racist rally. Nor did it prevent us from contributing to the defense of Ottawan homeless activist Andrew Nellis with the IWW's Panhandler's Union. However, we really do need money. With a fundraising Anti-Valentine's Day dinner in the works, and whispers of another fashion show in March, we hope to better stabilize our monetary situation. If you can not make it to either of these events and do not regularly come in contact with our fine collective members but still wish to make a donation, we are pleased to announce that we can now electronically accept money via PayPal to bostonabc [at] riseup [dot] net. Needless to say, we still accept cash and blank checks [Boston ABC does not have a bank account] at:

Boston ABC
P.O. Box 230182
Boston, MA 02123

*One of our medics from Connecticut was arrested, but was cited and released, requiring no bail.

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