Report From the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement

BAAM (Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement) is a group in transition. Existing in some form or other since 2001, it is generally agreed that BAAM functions best as a propaganda group and a means of plugging new people into projects that best suit their inclinations and strengths, as well as generating any number of successful, ongoing, autonomous projects. While we are ironing out internal issues here at BAAM, we have continued producing and distributing our monthly publication. At this writing, we are working on Issue #28. You can check out current and archived issues at our Web site. In addition to the monthly production of an English language paper, we also have a Spanish and Portuguese language edition, AutodeterminaciĆ³n Popular, that comes out quarterly.

Did you know that people listen to podcasts? Perhaps you are one of them? On both iTunes and our dedicated site, we have thus far recorded over 30 hours of anarchist and revolutionary material that has been downloaded and subscribed to by an astounding numbers of Internetians.

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and we are gearing up to continue our long-standing tradition of radical caroling. Appropriating the tunes of classic Christmas carols, we sing to shoppers and passersby of sweatshops, wealth inequality and merry ol' anarchy. We are hoping to team up with our local chapter of Raging Grannies again, both because it's more fun and because we've found that mall security is less willing to eject us from the premises when accompanied by our Grannies.

Because BAAM strives to unite anarchists working on a variety of projects, BAAM's members are themselves involved in a variety of other efforts, engaging in activities as disparate as Food Not Bombs, bicycle repair, prisoner support, fighting Boston University's proposed bioweapons lab, and Indymedia, and more than a few of us went down to Pittsburgh for the G-20.

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