A New Home for the Lucy Parsons Center

By Sublett

The Lucy Parsons Center, Boston's most awesome collectively run all-volunteer radical bookstore and community meeting space, has purchased a new home. The new space is a commercial condo in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood. A substantial amount of work will need to be done on the new store, including moving the bathroom, making the space wheelchair accessible, cleaning a lot of junk out of the basement and building new bookshelves. The collective hopes to move into the new store by March.

This move will put the LPC on sounder financial footing, as they will no longer have to pay rent on their current South End location, and the purchase price of the new condo was covered by money already in their dedicated building fund. In addition, sales are expected to increase in a neighborhood less dominated by yuppies.

The move comes as the Center is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

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