Syracuse Solidarity Network

Over the last few months, Syracuse Solidarity Network has been working on a number of projects. We geared up for the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh and brought all that enthusiasm back home. We've held three successful Cafe Autonomys; the first two focused on the G-20, before and after, and the third was held on Black Friday.

The cafes are a bit of everything: We have food, coffee, movies, games, presentations, an open mic, radical literature and good conversations. The Black Friday cafe had less presentations and more laid-back fun with lots of music and group discussion about the anniversary of the 1999 Seattle demonstrations. The cafes have been a great way to meet new people in a casual setting rather than at a meeting.

In addition to the cafes, we have been preparing to host a concert by Testament, an anarchist hip hop artist from Canada who also does a workshop on the No 2010 Olympics. We are using the show to bring local anti-authoritarian groups together for a huge tabling event.

Our reading groups have also started back up. For the next few weeks, we will team up with a local radical women's group, the Syracuse Women's Action Committee, to read and discuss the complete Quiet Rumors book/zine.

We also repped black flags and a bad attitude at a regional protest to stop the Reaper Drones from being stationed at Hancock Air Force Base here in Syracuse.

Last, but not least, we will say goodbye and good luck to a beloved participant of SSN who is moving away.

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