The Wooden Shoe Bookstore

In the beginning of October, The Wooden Shoe officially moved into its newest location at 704 South St. in Philadelphia! This new location offers us more foot traffic from South St. and is significantly larger than the old one, allowing us to have a much more organized space. After several months of very difficult work rehabbing the building, and after a year of struggles around the moving process itself, we are proud to be in what may be our nicest location in our over 30 years of existence! With any luck, the new location should help us to maintain a radical presence in Philadelphia for the foreseeable future.

The Wooden Shoe will also be hosting the convergence of the Northeast Anarchist Network this Dec. 19 and 20. So far, the assembly promises to include a variety of conversations about the functioning of the Northeast Anarchist Network, as well as a number of workshops and educational trainings, including a know-your-rights training, a report back from the G-20 mobilizations and more.

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