Silent City Distro

Now that most of the leaves have fallen and the farm work is coming to a close, all the committed Ithaca Anarchists are bundling up and stacking wood for the winter. However, local issues are heating up more than ever. The oil and gas industries are gearing up their fleet to invade this region, pushing their profit-driven development as a "bridge to a sustainable future." We recognize these false solutions for what they are and reject them with passion and vigilance. We're all spread out, putting ourselves in direct contact with the community, taking both leadership and support roles in local grassroots efforts.

Emotions are flowing in these turbulent times. I guess one of the most important things to remember is to trust our struggles. Especially when personal insecurities feel like they are all there is or when all the pain of the world feels so heavy. We're still here right? There's a legacy of resistance. It's inevitable. We will carry on if it's the last thing we do.

Silent City Distro continues to sustain and provide nutritious radical literature and media to the surrounding area. We've just recently started up a new series of "Intro to Anarchist Studies 101." Besides lots of awesome new zines that have been coming out, we've been supplying other groups in the community with photocopies and folding.

With the winter coming, we're getting ambitious about all the new zines we want to make, all the awesome shows that we're going to host in living rooms, and the upcoming NEAN assembly, as well as many other radical gatherings. Those of us here at the Distro are excited to see old friends and make new ones in the coming days.

Love and Rage,
Ryan Clover
Silent City Distro
115 E. MLK St. (the Commons)
Ithaca, NY 14850

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