Silent City Distro

Among the piles of snow here in the Southern Tier of the Finger Lakes Region, we're planning and plotting around wood stoves and howling teapots. There's so much to think about during these contemplative indoor months, and Silent City Distro has been laying low. No big events, no freeskool classes. But we've been reading and listening and soaking in so much. With some new perspectives and ideas emerging from conversations, we've begun planning some events and working some stuff out. It's hard to organize as a "distro." What is the function of a distro? It's a vital piece of movement infrastructure. But without movement, without a campaign, a distro is simply a resource without a reason.

We exist to nourish a movement; to provide resources; to provide a space for connection and the tools for DIY media and outreach. And here in Upstate New York, the movement is growing each day. The resistance to gas development is on our mind. Nurturing this movement is of vital importance.

That's why we're going to shift our focus. In the coming months, you can expect events and publications with a focus on issues in Upstate New York. And with the coming spring, you can expect an upswell of anarchist activity in this region. We'll see you at the upcoming bookfairs, and we'll see you in the streets.

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