Wooden Shoe Books

By Frank F.

The past few months at Wooden Shoe Books have been pretty exciting for us. Once we settled into our new space at 704 South Street, our sales and attendance at events had been on the rise, but a series of bad snowstorms from December through February suddenly reversed that. February is always a slow month for us, but this year it was particularly difficult due to the weather. While we had to cancel or reschedule a couple of events and were closed on a few occasions, we still missed fewer days than the average school. As I write this now the snow is still not entirely finished melting.

As for events, we sponsored The Vagina Monologues at the University of Pennsylvania; local IWW members did a fundraiser and information session for an affiliated Haitian medical services group; also, Philly Rising Tide did an event to publicize their ultimately successful action at the EPA regional office to stop the permits for mountaintop removal in Appalachia. While our open mic night was snowed out and rescheduled, we did have a well-attended poetry night that will hopefully pave the way for more readings from people involved in local poetry circles like Chapter & Verse and the New Philadelphia Poets. We are also continuing to do our children’s storytime.

This spring we are looking forward to warm weather and increased traffic through our bright and beautiful new store. Soon our front counter will be completed and then hopefully even our basement office. Our science fiction reading group continues to meet every month and a half or so, and our weekly free movie series will be starting up again (this time on Sundays). We also have plans for a May Day alley-cat bike race.

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