Armchair Revolutionaries Collective

Since the G20 in Pittsburgh we’ve been working hard to keep the momentum strong. When we came back from Pittsburgh, those of us who attended gave a talk to about 15-20 students of the local university on our experiences. The group of students seemed interested, and we were introduced by a professor who called us “exceptional youth people” for going to the protests! We then showed them the film by the Glassbead Collective called “Democracy 101” on the police response to these protests.

We also took part in a protest organized by West Chester University Students for a Democratic Society in response to the troop surge in Afghanistan. We marched from the university to the middle of town. We stopped by the local Democratic Party headquarters to show that this war goes beyond just the right wing and is an effect of the capitalist symptom.

Members affiliated with the collective and the SDS chapter put out a radical newsletter entitled “Demand the Impossible”.

We are now working on mobilizing locals to get down for the Funk the War and the ANSWER Coalition demonstrations in DC this March. To build momentum for these actions we hope to plan a week of events against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan working with SDS and other local anti-war organizations.

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