Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement (BAAM)

Existing in some form or another since 2001, BAAM functions best as an entryway-into-Boston-anarchy propaganda group, plugging new people into projects that best suit their inclinations and strengths, and generating any number of successful, ongoing, autonomous projects. We have continued producing and distributing our monthly publication. At this writing, we are working on issue #31. You can check out current and archived issues on our Web site.

Do you listen to podcasts? On both iTunes and our podcast Web site we have thus far recorded and released over 30 hours of anarchist and revolutionary material that have been downloaded and subscribed to by absolutely astounding numbers of Internetians.

Because BAAM strives to unite anarchists working on a variety of projects, BAAM's members are themselves involved in a variety of other efforts, engaging in activities as disparate as Food Not Bombs, bicycle repair, prisoner support and Boston Indymedia.

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