Emerson Anti-Authoritarian Society

The Emerson Anti-Authoritarian Society is a recent addition to our community, after a brief period of inactivity. We’re dedicated to bringing all sorts of radical thinking to Emerson College, with the goal of knowledge always in mind. So far we’ve put together a very successful Really Really Free Market, which attracted about 75 student participants. Our next event was a “Know Your Rights” training taught by the Boston Anarchist Black Cross. About 15 students came for the hour-long info session and left with a greater understanding of their rights when dealing with the state and its agents.

Our biggest opposition so far has been Emerson’s property management team, who are currently blocking us from booking rooms with what can only be described as bureaucratic bullshit. We’re intent on securing our right to book rooms and host further events at Emerson, management be damned. The future looks bright for our group, and we’re all excited and determined to bring a greater anti-authoritarian attitude to the students of Emerson.

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