Silent City Distro

If you’ve seen our distro, you’ve probably noticed that we have a wide variety of materials. You might have noticed that we focus a lot on gender dynamics, relationships, community health and support. We also focus on a lot of direct action, and we publicize and celebrate militant resistance to capitalism. Different ends of the spectrum? Not really. Here’s why:

To build an effective resistance, we need healthy communities. Seems like an easy thing to say, but how does this play out? We can start by nurturing our own mental health, our friendships and our group awareness. To engage in a resistance movement is serious and dangerous. There’s so much at stake! And even more is at stake if we just give in to our personal struggles!

It’s absolutely important to be confident, to know yourself and to be able to think critically and effectively about our strengths and weak points. It’s important to know how to support a friend through a crisis and to be able to pull our own weight in a collective house by doing our chores or whatever else. This is also an important part of security culture. We have to be able to offer reflection to our friends and to receive important criticisms. This builds trust and thus, stronger resistance! Acting on our insecurities can expose weaknesses to be exploited by our enemies. We're not creating a subculture. We’re joining and carrying on a counter-culture of resistance and autonomy!

So anyway, we’re making more zines about this stuff. Stay tuned.

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